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Security Seals
High Security Seals

Our high security seals are designed and manufactured with materials such as metal or metal cable with the intention to prevent or delay intrusion.

We manufacture a wide range of security seals to satisfy all of your needs.

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Security Seals
Plastic Security Seals

Adjustable and fixed length plastic security seals are designed to reach in thin, limited spaces and create a tight seal.

Plastic security seals have locking mechanisms that once engaged provides a high quality seal.

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Security Seals
Indicative Seals

Our variety of Indicative seals are designed for multiple uses and to prevent theft and show evidence of tampering. Indicative seals are manufactured and designed with the intention to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

We manufacture a wide range of indicative seals to satisfy all of your needs.

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Metallic Seals for Transport are a Safe Bet The metallic seals for transport can work in extreme weathers The metallic seals for transport are seals made of the highest quality metal, strong and tough. It is true that the plastic seals offer many advantages like their adaptability and low cost. However, sometimes it is required to have an extra protection grade. This can be reached without sacrificing its applicability for many kinds of transports, like containers, tanks, and so on. For these cases, the metallic security seals are the best option. And Totalseal is the leader manufacturer of metallic seals. The metallic security seals of Totalseal are made with the highest quality galvanized steel. They are highly adaptable to any kind of environment, also they are highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. When the performance of the plastic seals is not enough, the metallic seals enter into action. They have a hidden lock system that can maximize the security. Since they look like the security plastic ties, they are easy to use. They don’t need special tools for installation, but they need an adequate tool to brake them. This security seals have a tolerance up to 99 lbs (45 kg) of force. They also keep evidence of any attempt of braking or tampering. The resistance and reliability are key features of the metallic seals for transport The metallic security seals are not just for freight transport. The seal can also be part of the logistical register. This is thanks to their customizable alphanumeric engraving which can be printed on their surface. The characters to be engraved can be chosen by the customer. In this way, the metallic seals allow for a search by consecutive serial number. In this way, they can be adapted to the needed requirements asked by the companies and their warehouses. The security seals can be adapted to any system of organization and logistic. For all these reasons, the metallic seals for freight transport are a solid option for all the transport companies. For each necessity there is an answer, so we in Totalseal go one step beyond in the management on the procedures and quality of the raw materials used in the seals, both regarding its design and its manufacturing. In Totalseal, we have the certifications to ensure these security measures can be totally complied and to avoid any kind of smuggling in international shipments. blog.

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Total seal manufactures the highest quality security seals in the market while remaining the most competitive. Our team of designers constantly work to create new products and ideas to stay on top of the industry.

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Over the years we have built strong alliances with the most recognized security seals providers, assuring our ability to provide all of our products to the fullest.

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